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Dear Arcoa Customer:


On March 1, 2011 ArcMate Manufacturing Corporation completed the purchase of the Arcoa line of pick up tools, specifically the Arcoa E-Z Reacher Std, E-Z Reacher Pro, and the E-Z Reacher Pro+. This means, you now have access to virtually all the most popular reachers in the United States, available from one source, ArcMate.  

First, we hope to better serve your needs and become your one-stop shop for litter pick-up tools, safety vests, and gloves. ArcMate wants to ensure you are provided with new information that you might need. You may place your orders exactly as in the past – phone, FAX, or email. All E-Z Reacher and E-Z Grabber products ae now available 24/7 on our website at or click on the highlighted product above.


Second, success will be determined by our ability to address your needs as our new customer.  We assure you that ArcMate plans to carry forward with all the same reliable Arcoa E-Z Reachers you have purchased in the past. 


Third, we want to hear from you.  We want to learn how we can better serve you.  We also want to hear from you regarding any aspect of the relationship where we might improve. Start now, and browse our website for products which will help you Reach it, Grab it, or Pick It Up! 
Below are some FAQ’s that cover key points and a list of contacts.  Should you need further information, please visit our website at or contact ArcMate directly at 888.637.1926. For your convenience, please also find ArcMate's new address.  Your new friends at ArcMate very much look forward to serving you and building a stronger and mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Who is ArcMate Mfg. Corp.?

ArcMate was formed in 1996. At that time ArcMate focused on reachers for people with physical disabilities, the elderly, and general in-home use. In 2003, ArcMate began offering litter pick-up tools for outdoor use.


What will happen to Arcoa Industries LLC?

Arcoa Industries, LLC discontinued operations and has been shut down.


When did this occur?  

March 1, 2011


Can I order using the same part numbers? 

Yes, all part numbers will remain the same.


Who should I contact to place future orders?

Please change your records and contact

ArcMate Manufacturing Corporation

911 S Andreasen Dr.
Escondido, CA  92029
Phone/FAX  888.637.1926
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