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"I purchased two of your E-Z REACHERS about a year ago. It is a fine product and picks up a greater variety of items than your competitors' reachers." - J.H., West Chester, PA

"I am also impressed with the quality and design of the E-Z REACHER.. It is better than any other reach extended I have tried and allows me to have good control, and precision in reaching for many things that would be impossible to retrieve with other devices. I find that I need an E-Z REACHER in my office, my bedroom, the kitchen and also next to my recliner." - T.W.S., Pensacola, FL

"Recently I was in a local Rehab hospital and they gave me an E-Z REACHER pick up tool. I didn't realize when they handed it to me how really useful it could be! Frankly, I didn't think too much of it - now, I wouldn't even think of being without it!!!" - Earnest J. Taylor, Cambridge, MA

"Had my E-Z REACHER just four days and am almost delirious with joy! No longer a bottle of spilled pills lay on the floor for days until someone picks them up for me while I hope the dog doesn't eat one. I captured a lipstick on the bathroom floor, put my clothes out of the hamper and into the washer, dug my socks out of the dryer, dusted around the bottom of the desk and TV, got some webs off the ceiling, picked up dead leaves around the big potted plant, got down some towels from a high shelf in the garage, retrieved five clothespins from the lawn before the yard man could mow them up. Also I found I don't have to sweep the carpet nearly as much often as my sewing comes right up - even the pins and thread. I've had other kinds of reachers, two different types, but nothing - nothing is like the E-Z REACHER!" - Elma Reichbauer, Dayton, OH

"I have found this to be an indispensable item for people like myself and my sister, and I have sent it to several of my handicapped friends." - H.W., San Diego, CA

"It has an easy grip & control, good length, good grip on objects, cosmetically appealing & lightweight." - Vickie Smith MA, OTR/L, Columbus, OH

"I am a Home Care Therapist and carry one of you're E-Z REACHERS with me to show my patients what a good reacher looks like and how it can help them." - R.W.S., OTR, Poway, CA

"This E-Z REACHER is the only kind we carry." - Cindy Gripp, OTR, Metrohealth Medical Center, Cleveland, OH

"I recommend the E-Z REACHER over all others because its suction cup tips are more versatile than hard tips, trigger is larger & easier to grip." - M.H., OTR, VA Medical Center, Reno, NV

"I am not only impressed with your device, but I demonstrate its use to my wheelchair clients as well as those with hip & lumbar physical problems." - Keith Drieberg, Ph D , M.P.H., Loma Linda University Medical Center, Rehab Inst., Loma Linda, CA

"I am delighted with my E-Z REACHER so much so that I wish to send one to my sister as a gift." - C.D.M., New Lisbon, NJ
EZ Reacher® Full Unlimited Warranty
If any blue handle EZ Reacher® ever fails to give complete satisfaction, return it to ArcMate Manufacturing Corporation (postage prepaid). ArcMate will replace it with a NEW reacher, FREE OF CHARGE.
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