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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What can I use the EZ Reacher® for?
Reduce the need for stools, stooping, and stretching. Click here to
see just a few uses.

In the family room and kitchen:
  1. Retrieving the remote control or cordless phone from behind the sofa or bed.
  2. Pick-up the kids' toys quicker and easier.
  3. Retrieve the video cassettes that fall behind the TV/VCR.
  4. Reach bottles, glasses, or that bag of chips from high shelves.
In the bedroom and bathroom:
  1. Easily grab shoes, socks, or clothing that has fallen in the back of closets.
  2. In the shower, pick-up the soap, wash cloth, or shampoo bottle.
  3. Recover jewelry that has fallen into the toilet bowl.
In the laundry room:
  1. Reaching into tight spots, like that sock that slipped down between the washer and dryer.
  2. Sort dirty laundry without bending or stretching.
  3. Reach that bottle of cleaner stuck way back under the sink.
In the office and workshop:
  1. Grasp printed pages from your laser printer without stretching.
  2. Insert and remove computer diskettes and CD-ROM's without stretching across the desk.
  3. Lift the handset and answer your phone without stretching across the counter or table.
  4. Pick-up the trash that missed your wastebasket.
  5. Retrieve pens, pencils, and diskettes that fall behind or way under your desk.
  6. In the workshop, the EZ Reacher® is great for retrieving tools and small parts that have rolled under the car, dropped behind the workbench, or fallen way back in the corner.

Anywhere around the house:
  1. Securely remove glass globes from chandelier in your dining room.
  2. Change light bulbs in your ceiling, but be careful not to stick the metal fingers into an open socket. Using the SAF-T-LOK will not break the glass bulb and makes changing light bulbs quicker and safer than dragging out a stool or ladder and using just your hand.
  3. Clear large items before vacuuming such as toys, scraps of paper, paperclips or pencils.
  4. Dust away cobwebs that collect in high corners and near the ceiling heating ducts. Help dust your chandelier and other lights.
Just for Fun:
  1. Collect seashells for fun with less bending and reaching.
  2. Create games for the kids such as bicycle or rollerblade hockey. Use the EZ Reacher® to grab as many items as possible and dump them into the goal basket.
  3. Hobbyists use the EZ Reacher® to adjust the decorations in their aquariums and reach display pieces on model railroad layouts.
  4. Help decorate for the holidays: the Christmas tree, hide Easter eggs, and pick-up after the kids' birthday parties. Get the errant helium-filled balloon from the ceiling.
  5. Reach the apples, oranges, avocados, and cherries that are higher in the tree.
Outside your home and when shopping:
  1. The EZ Reacher® can be used to clear away garbage and debris you wouldn't want to touch with your bare hands, such as snails, broken glass, or pet droppings.
  2. Clear your yard of pine cones and fallen fruit.
  3. Collect aluminum cans and bottles for redemption value.
  4. Grab the baseball or golf ball that landed in the bushes or just the other side of the fence.
  5. Retrieve balls, toys, and debris that has fallen into pools and ponds.
  6. Recover Frisbees and paper airplanes from high in bushes or trees.
  7. At the market, reach what you'd like from shelves that are too high or too low.
  8. At the drive-through window, reach without stretching to pay or receive your purchase.
How is the EZ Reacher® different from other reachers?
  • The flexible rubber cups make the EZ Reacher more versatile than other reachers... it can easily pick-up items as small as a dime or as large as a quart of soda.
  • It extends your reach 4"- 6" further than most other reachers
  • The Deluxe EZ Reacher has a patented SAF-T-LOK which can be turned on for an extra secure grip. This is especially helpful when grasping objects overhead. The SAF-T-LOK also assists in maintaining a grasp on heavy objects or when you want to let go of the pistol grip altogether to hold your EZ Reacher® by the shaft.
  • The EZ Reacher® is so durable it is guaranteed for life.
  • The EZ Reacher is different from the KingTongs Grabber in the following ways:
    1. The EZ Reacher is 3 inches shorter for easier handling indoors.
    2. The Deluxe EZ Reacher has a SAF-T-LOK so you can grab onto an object and then release your grip on the trigger…much safer when reaching overhead
    3. The Deluxe EZ Reacher comes with a DangEZ Velcro® fastening system to keep your reacher handy.
    4. The Deluxe EZ Reacher sells for $20.00 as does the standard KingTongs grabber.
How big an object can I pick-up?
The EZ Reacher® or the KingTongs Grabber have the widest jaw opening of almost all reachers, a full 4¼" wide. just wide enough to grab a standard VHS video cassette. Using the SAF-T-LOK makes it easier to maintain your grasp and to lift these heavier objects.

Can I use it for dressing?
The EZ Reacher can easily pick-up a towel or dirty clothing, retrieve shoes from the back of the closet, and reach folded clothing from high shelves. However, the EZ Reacher does NOT have a lug or post for pulling-on pants or skirts. If you would like a great versatile dressing aid for pulling on clothes and slipping on shoes try the DressEZ® from ArcMate.

Is there a magnet at the end?
No, magnets will pick-up very few items found in the home. Sewing needles, thumbtacks staples, and paperclips can all be easily picked-up using the sensitive extra large rubber cups. Also, a magnet CANNOT pick-up items like coins, keys, and silverware, but all of these items are also easily picked-up with ArcMate's sensitive rubber cups.

How long will the rubber cups last?
Under normal household use, the rubber cups will last 5 to 10 years. If they ever wear out, they are covered under the Lifetime Guarantee. If you have a KingTongs grabber, the rubber cups are not covered under warranty. Just call ArcMate for a new pair Do you need to use two hands to operate the Deluxe EZ Reacher?
NO, you may want to use two hands for heavier objects, but you can easily fold/unfold, grasp/release, and lock/unlock all using only one hand.
See SAF-T-LOK instructions.

Is the EZ Reacher heavy?
No, it weighs only 10 oz ... less than a medium glass of water or a cup of coffee!

Does it telescope?
No, there are FOLDING EZ Reachers (model 230F or 230FL) available which fold in half for storage and travel. Just be sure to remove the packaging sleeve before folding. The EZ Reacher® can be unfolded and folded using only one hand.

What kind of handle does it have?
Both the EZ Reacher® and the General Good's Grabber have a rounded pistol grip with a full four-fingered trigger for easy and comfortable action. The Rainbow Reacher has the smallest squeeze handle of any reacher in the world.

Is the SAF-T-LOK easy to use?
Yes, a short 3-step instruction sheet with pictures showing how to use the SAF-T-LOK are included. Click here See SAF-T-LOK instructions..

How do I keep my EZ Reacher® handy?
Your Deluxe EZ Reacher® comes with a specially designed VELCRO® hook with loop strap and adhesive mating dot, called the DangEZ fastening system. It requires NO tools, NO hooks, NO holes. Hang your Deluxe EZ Reacher® on the side of your refrigerator, counter, desk, washing machine, or in the workshop ... anywhere you may want an easy way to get small objects without a stool, stooping, or stretching. It's EZ! Incidentally, the DangEZ fastening system is available separately in 6-paks. Use them on any reacher or cane. Also great for bundling cords and cables under your desk. Use the DangEZ fastening system anywhere ...No hooks, No holes, No tools required.

Will my reachers rust?
NO, the EZ Reacher® is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, aluminum, rubber, and plastic. The EZ Reacher® can be used in the shower to pick-up soap, wash cloth, or shampoo bottle. Some people use the EZ Reacher to collect seashells or retrieve objects that have fallen into the pool. The Rainbow reachers are made of either plastic or aluminum and stainless steel so they will also not rust.

Is the EZ Reacher durable?
The EZ Reacher is very durable and long-lasting because it is made of stainless steel and aluminum. The EZ Reacher is guaranteed not just for 30 days but for a lifetime of use. We have been making the EZ Reacher® for over 20 years and over one million have already been sold.

Can I try out a reacher first?
ArcMate offers you a 30-Day 100%+ NO RISK Satisfaction Guarantee. Buy the reachers you feel would be best to try. Try them for up to 30 days. If you're not satisfied, put the reacher back in the shipping box and return it to ArcMate for a 100% refund of your purchase price, shipping costs, any taxes, AND your RETURN POSTAGE. That's right, FREE return postage. If you paid by cash or check, we will send you a refund check. If you paid by credit card, we will credit your card for your original purchase and the return postage.
    Remember that ArcMate's FREE 30-Day Trial with FREE return shipping guarantees your client or friend will be satisfied with their ArcMate reacher or they pay absolutely nothing.

    How can I become an authorized ArcMate dealer?
    Send ArcMate a copy of both your local business license and your state's Resale Certificate. You need to submit a credit application or charge purchases to your credit card. Receive from ArcMate your approved dealer account number and dealer price list. Make an initial purchase of $250 or more at dealer prices. Thereafter, there is no minimum purchase.

    How can I become a sales representative for ArcMate?
    Please e-mail us a copy of your resume indicating the lines you currently represent and the sales territory your cover. In the meantime, ask your favorite hardware, pharmacy, or medical equipment dealer to call about becoming an authorized ArcMate retail dealer. Let your children's school or university, park, and roadside maintenance supervisors know ArcMate makes reachers especially designed for litter pick-up.

    I love these reachers, can I get a quantity discount for my organization?
    Yes, add a product to your cart and any applicable quantity discounts will appear. You can then change your order quantity accordingly. Please call 800-637-1926 or email us to discuss your needs. However, if you buy TWO or more Deluxe EZ Reachers, your order is sent with NO SHIPPING charges. If you purchase more than $75 total you also get FREE Shipping.

    I have an old blue handled EZ Reacher that is broken. How can I return it for my new one?
    Yes, just return it with your broken reacher to ArcMate. OR, call customer Service at 888-637-1926 and request a new grabber first (credit card guarantee required). After receiving your new reacher, place your broken ArcMate Guaranteed Forever EZ Reacher in the box and return it to ArcMate. We will wait 30 days for your return before charging your card for the new reacher you received.

    Can I get my reacher repaired?
    Yes, we repair metal reachers if the shaft and handle can be reused, ArcMate will repair your reacher for $7.00 per reacher. to return it/them to ArcMate with your credit card authorization or a check for $7.00 per reacher including return shipping. Please allow 2-3 weeks for repair.
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