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EZ Reacher - 7993-15996

Each: $29.95

Save over $17 when you buy this combination of short and long reachers.

The shorter reacher is great for use while seated and easier for those with more limited wrist strength
The longer reacher is great for taller people and when longer reach would help around pools or when picking fruit..
The longer reacher also COLLAPSES in half (21"for easy storage and portability.
The longer reacher has a slip joint that is very strong and easy to use -- even with only one hand (after a little practice). 

Both reachers utilize stainless steel fingers that will not rust -- so durable it is GUARANTEED FOREVER
Both utilize the new food-grade blue silicone cups which are flexible enough to pick up items off the floor as small as a dime, yet strong enough to handle a large can of soup or box of cereal. Odorless and will not scuff floor, shoes, or cabinets.

Both offer the ratcheting SAF-T-LOK (with on/off lever). Use it to lock onto items without maintaining a grasp on the trigger.

Comfortable pistol grip. Pick up objects without twisting your wrist. Strong 4-finger trigger

Included is a DangEZ universal hang Velcro-style strap to keep your EZ Reacher® handy. No hooks, holes, or tools required.

Satin finish aluminum is lightweight and strong.

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