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EZ Reacher Indoor & Outdoor

Each: $29.95
Bundle of two grabbers

  • These two reachers are both COLLAPSIBLE in half for easy storage and portability.
  • The slip joint is very strong and easy to use -- even with only one hand (after a little practice).
  • Both have stainless steel fingers that will not rust - they are very durable 
  • Both have strong sensitive fingers for extra-wide grasp. Lift objects up to 5 lbs. and up to 4.5" wide yet as small as a dime.
  • Both utilize the 4-finger trigger for strength and comfort
  • Satin finish aluminum shaft is lightweight and the slip joint makes it even stronger.
  • Save over $15 when you buy this combination of our best-selling indoor/outdoor reacher and grabber.
  • The blue handle INDOOR reacher uses new, nimble, blue silicone cups which are 
    • Odorless
    • Will not scuff floor, shoes, or cabinets.
    • Food grade heat resistant to 500° F.
    • Optional SAF-T-LOK (with on/off lever). Use it to lock onto items without maintaining a grasp on the trigger.
    • Included is a DangEZ universal hang Velcro-style strap to keep your EZ Reacher® handy. No hooks, holes, or tools required.
    • Length 32 inches extended, 16.5 inches folded.
    • Best of all, the blue handle EZ Reacher Deluxe is GUARANTEED FOREVER
  • The black handle OUTDOOR grabber is:
    • 42-inches long - the perfect length for use from mowers and picking fruit.
    • The trigger pin is made of metal, not plastic, and will last a long time
    • The cups are made of synthetic rubber (EPDM same as automobile tires) and are resistant to UV sunlight and the oils in asphalt.
    • 90-day full warranty against breakage
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