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ErgoMate Deluxe - Collapsible

Each: $14.40
ErgoMate Deluxe Collapsible Reacher

Here is the one of the most popular classic design reachers ... and it has been improved with special yellow gripping surfaces. Keep you reacher handy with yellow snap clip. And it collapses in half for easy storage. Fits tubing on most wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Quickly collapses in half -- very easy!
  • Magnet at end can pick up metal objects like staples, paperclips, and  key rings, etc.
  • Special high friction yellow grip on jaws helps insure a secure grasp on objects
  • Snap clip for secure storage or attaching to walker or wheelchair frame.
  • Long two-finger trigger offers more leverage power.
  • Jaw opens 4" wide
  • 23" long
  • Weighs only 5.6 ounces

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One major drawback
RoboJean (California) 4/22/2014 11:39 AM
My mom has both this collapsible version and the non collapsible one. The problem with the collapsible one is that the plastic midsection which keeps the grabber straight and unbending when in use, does not keep the two halves securely together, so if you are trying to pull on something, for instance a shoe or pants (if it requires any tugging), or lift something more than a few ounces, it will pull apart. The elastic cord which runs the length of the grabber also gets stretched if it's kept in the folded position and with time, makes the problem greater. Eventually it becomes virtually unusable. And the handy clip that keeps it folded neatly breaks easily. Folding is both a drawback for the above reasons and a positive, as it's easy to put in a walker basket or in a bag. Bottom line, handle it gently and keep it unfolded when at home, and only fold it and use it when necessary. Have a non-collapsible version for the rest of the time. This is much better than the grabbers with the suction cup ends for putting on or pulling up pants, so it's nice to have when out and using public restrooms if your pants slip too far and you can't bend to pick them up.

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