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The new BagOpener is the the fast, easy way to control & handle bags while picking up litter.
  • Works with most size plastic trash bags -- from small wastebasket and kitchen garbage bags to 33 gallon litter pick up bags
  • Works with lawn leaf bags -- 30 gal:16 inch length x 12 inch width x 35 inch height
  • The bagOpener keeps the mouth of the litter bag open and offers better control in wind..
  • Keeps paper leaf bags open for easy loading - either vertically or laying on the ground.
  • The BagOpener has 52 sizing holes for best fit to your bag. Just use the two included thumb screws to hold the perfect size.
Made of tough recyclable ABS plastic - not PVC.
73 inches long by 2 inches wide. for use with bags up to 33" in diameter (33 gallon bags)
Two aluminum screws and wingnuts included
Weighs only 2.5 oz.

To size your BagOpener to the trash bag:
Make a hoop so that the ends overlap 
Holding the both ends with your hand test to insure size will fit and slightly stretch open the bag mouth. The BagOpener should be big enough to stretch the plastic bag slightly.
Find the holes that align best on the overlapping portion. Insert the two screws in those holes.
Screw on the wingnuts. Keep wingnuts on inside of the BagOpener for best results. 

To Use:
Squeeze your BagOpener in the middle to from a figure 8. 
Step 1: Form figure 8 and insert
Insert your BagOpener into the trash bag and position even with the opening
Expand your BagOpener so that it is tought against the inside of the bag.
Step 2: position even with bag mouth
Reach into the bag and grab the bag bottom.
Step 3: reach into and grab bottom of bag
Pull the bottom of the bag through the opening - inside out. 
Step 4: pull bottom through opening - Inside out
Hold both bag and BagOpener and your're ready to go. 
Sept 5: hold both bag and BagOpener
Now hold your bag closeer to the ground for quicker, easier control, especially on windy days.
Ready to go - hold close to ground for ease and control
For paper leaf bags, your'e ready to go -- your BagOpener will keep the mouth of the bag open for easy loading. You may want to lay the bag on the ground and rake the leaves into the bag.

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