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Long Pick-Up Tongs by Dramm

Each: $31.00
Long tongs for litter pick up.
This handy and lightweight chopstick-style tool will save you time and eliminate backaches when picking up trash. Easy squeeze to grasp and relax to spring open and release. Smooth curved pick-up ends won't snag or hang-up when reaching into bushes and tight spots.
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum tubing for long-term use.
  • Simple design - nothing to break or jam-up out in the field. 
  • Rubberized hand comfort grip provides extra padding.
  • Metal guides between the arms keep each grab consistent; arms don't "cross over" each other.
  • No tips to replace helps reduce maintenace expense.
  • 36" long. Weighs 1 lb.
  • Made in USA

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